Free Webinars for Traders from Benzinga – March 5th

Weekly Free webinars from market experts. Listed below are four webinars for the week of 5th March hosted by Benzinga and presented by experts in the field. Read below the list of trading webinars which are free to join.

Making Your Jump From Equities To Options

Presented by Sang Lucci Options Education
Time: Tuesday, March 5th @ 1PM EST

About the Webinar

Benzinga Trader WebinarsMany traders daydream about making the transition from equities to options and integrating options trading into their strategies. Options provide strategic versatility, risk management capabilities, and profit potential simply not possible through plain equities trading.

Join Peter from Sang Lucci at 1 EST for a free webinar on what the transition entails, including:

  • Peter’s personal equities to options transition story
  • Equity characteristics that DO apply to options
  • Equity characteristics that DO NOT apply to options

As always, Peter will answer your questions at the end of the webinar so come prepared to dig into what you want to know!

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Learn How To Use Marketfy Products

Presented by Kyle Bazzy – President of Marketfy
Time: Wednesday, March 6th @ 7:30PM EST

About the Webinar

Whether you’re looking for education, trade alerts, live trading rooms, research, or trading tools, Marketfy is the new standard for getting the very best without worrying about the legitimacy for the product or trader.

Join Kyle Bazzy, President of Marketfy at 7:30pm EST for a free webinar to learn tricks and tips to getting the most out of your Marketfy experience.

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Free 3-Day Live Webinar Series

Presented by Jea Yu

Time: Thursday, March 7th @ 6PM EST

This webinar is the first in of 3 part live webinar series ran by Jea Yu, the trader behind Morning Profit Maker. This will kickoff the series and part 2 will be held exact same day and time following week (Thursday, March 14 @ 6pm EST) and capped off with the 3rd part the week after (Thursday, March 21 @ 6pm EST).

This 3 part series will have multiple opportunities for attendees to purchase subscriptions, including an annual membership that sells in the 4 digits!

Veteran day trader and four time recipient of the Forbes’ Best of the Web award, Mr. Jea Yu, invites you to a 3 part live webinar series showing you how to create a consistent morning profit.

This is an exclusive, one-time webinar series and will not be replayed or recorded for the general public.

Over the past year, this strategy has helped Jea and his students to a 77.6% win rate on all morning trades and a 27.03% yearly return! Over 1200 traders and fund managers have used this morning strategy to generate profitable returns for their own portfolios.

Webinar 1: Devising Your Morning Trading Plan

  • Screening playable stocks
  • Compiling headliners and organic prospects
  • Core basket compilation
  • Assembling your watch list
  • Quick chart analysis
  • Assessing general market climate
  • Preparing for the market open
  • How to allocate proper share sizing

Webinar 2: Stalking Your Watch List for Profits

  • How to track and stalk your watch list
    The first 15 minutes
  • When and how to pull the trigger
  • Detailed high probability set-ups
  • Managing risk, probability and reward
  • The trade sequence from entry to exit
  • Stops vs scaling

Webinar 3: Manifesting a Consistent Morning Income Stream

  • Putting it all together
  • Pacing and Closure process
  • Trade evaluation and analysis
  • Draw down management
  • Recycling and building up core trading stocks
  • Manifesting consistency
  • When to raise the stakes: performance ratios

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Mitigating Risk Through Your Watchlist

Presented by Sang Lucci Options Education
Time: Thursday, March 8th @ 1PM EST

About the Webinar

The biggest risk in trading is your own psychological performance. Great traders reduce mental strain by carefully constructing their watchlist.

Join Peter from Sang Lucci at 1 EST for a free webinar on the unrecognized power behind a great watchlist. He will cover:

  • How your watchlist defines your style: are you a scalper, day trader, high flyer or break out trader?
  • Sang Lucci’s watchlist
  • How it prevents poor decisions
  • Some of the equity options it includes
  • The rationale behind its creation
  • How to adapt your watchlist to shifting marketing conditions and changes in your account size

Peter will also provide direct feedback on your watchlist! Bring it to the webinar and come ready to discuss how you see it relating to your style of trading.

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Free Live Roundtable Discussion

Presented by Kyle Bazzy – Marketfy
Time: Sunday, March 10th @ 7PM EST

About the Webinar

The Italy/Euro Crisis & US Sequestar’s Looming Impact On The World Markets round table discussion with a 3 trader panel.

The US Sequester and Italian/European Crisis are two world events capable of generating ripples across the world markets.

As these two major events play out simultaneously, their short and long term impact on the market remains unclear.

Join us live on Sunday March 10th at 7pm EST as we discuss the threats and opportunities that lie ahead. This roundtable discussion will be moderated by President of Marketfy/Benzinga, Kyle Bazzy and feature three of the market’s brightest minds…

  • Dave Moenning of “State of the Markets
  • Dan Bustamante of “Landshark Analytics”
  • Alex Mendoza of “OptionABC”

Spaces are limited

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About Benzinga

Benzinga is a dynamic and innovative financial media outlet that empowers investors with high-quality, unique content that is coveted by Wall Street’s top traders. Benzinga provides timely, actionable ideas that help users navigate even the most uncertain and volatile markets – in real-time with an unmatched caliber.

From breakouts to unusual volume, analyst ratings, futures and options, Benzinga is the leading full-service, one-stop shop for investors of all stripes and styles.

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