GBPCHF – Trading Signal

Short GBPCHF. This is a long term trade so have patience. Trade is likely to be closed around early-mid August.

The picture below shows the wolfe waves along with trade entry, exit and target levels. Click on the image to enlarge the picture.

GBPCHF - Short Trade - Wolfe Wave Signals

GBPCHF – Short Trade – Wolfe Wave Signals

Trade Update: Delete pending order. GBPCHF is turning bullish. Will be posting revised trade updates shortly.

Trade Update: Buy @ Market. Stops @ 1.43437. Target @ 1.46891

Trade Update: Move Stops to 1.42996

Trade Update: Revised target 1.451. Stops to BE @ 1.43447

Trade Update: Close @ Market 1.4463 (+118.3 Pips)

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