MetaTrader Releases a Brand New iOS App

MetaQuotes, the company behind Metatrader has released a revamped iOS version of their platform. The new re-design looks a lot more better and professional with some new features being included.

Doing away with the rather boring old interface and features a new black/white interface. The function buttons are alo redesigned keeping the user in mind. While there has not been any new additions, the MetaTrader iOS app now includes the trade terminal that looks more similar to the desktop MT4. There are a few minor things that have been ignored though.

MT4 iOS Updated Version

MT4 iOS Updated Version

To summarize here is the list of the pros and cons of the new MT4 iPad/iPhone app.

What’s New in the new MT4 iOS App

  • Improved user interface is a refreshing change. The simple, White and Black interface is easy on the eye
  • Trade Terminal: Similar to desktop version, the iOS version now features a trade terminal, complete with inbuilt tabs for Trade, History, Mailbox, News and Journal.
  • Option to change customize the look of the charts section
  • One click trading is now introduced on the iOS, but I believe this is not such a good idea
  • Modifying orders both existing and pending is much better

What’s still lacking in the new MT4 iOS App

  • It is surprising to see that the MT4 for iPad/iPhone works only in landscape (or horizontal view) mode. Switching to vertical view does not automatically change the view
  • No new additions to indicators. It would have been nice to see Fibonacci or Median Lines or even the option to draw trend lines being included, but are missing

Here are some of the screenshots of the newly updated iOS app for MT4

MT4 iOS App - Chart Customization

MT4 iOS App – Chart Customization


MT4 iOS Features - Quotes

MT4 iOS Features – Quotes

MT4 iOS Features - Quotes

MT4 iOS Features – Quotes



Overall, i’m quite impressed with the new design of the MT4 iOS app, despite it lacking some features. Having tested quite a trading platform, MT4 iPad/iPhone app does a decent job, depending on what you expect to do from the app. If you use it only to monitor your trades with an occasional opening/closing of trades, the app helps serve that purpose. However, if you are looking to study technical analysis from the iOS charts, then it is going to be an uphill battle. To get a better understanding of the improvements, click here to read the MT4 iPad review of the older version.

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